Who We Are

Candidate Positions On Issues Affecting You and Your Community

This page is meant to be an aggregation of all 2020 primary candidates, as well as the candidates for the Georgia 2020 special senate election. Click on each candidate  name to learn where they stand on issues.  Limited information is available for some candidates;  for those, brief biographies are presented instead.

Our Mission

PPN’s mission is to encourage citizen participation in the democratic process through education, action and advocacy.


The Public Policy Network (PPN) is a civic organization that monitors state and national policy proposals that affect individuals and our communities. We are an all volunteer group that provides data, information and resources to enable the citizens of western North Carolina and north Georgia to make informed decisions about policies that affect them.  


PPN values truth and encourages open and honest discourse on policy issues based on accurate information as the best way to find common ground for action. 

  • We value protecting the beauty and resources of our fragile earth so they can sustain humanity and be a source of enjoyment for our children and grandchildren.
  • We value protecting the health of our citizens as people should not suffer needlessly in the richest country in the world.
  • We value protecting the financial security of the members of our communities in a time of rapid economic and social upheaval.
  • We value the basic principles of democracy:  citizen participation, equality, tolerance of differing political views, civil discourse, accountability, transparency, fair elections, and checks and balances against the abuse of power.

Highlights of 2017

Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper

Professor and Department Head
Political Science and Public Affairs
Western Carolina University
“The History of Voting and Gerrymandering in NC”
Ben Owens

Ben Owens

Nationally recognized educator, advisor to Gates Foundation
Math and Physic teacher at Tri-County Early College High School
“How can we improve public education in our state, country and here?”
Vernon Dixon

Vernon Dixon

Head of Citizens Climate Lobby for District 9 in GA Citizen’s Climate Lobby’s carbon fee and dividend plan. “Climate Change and a Bipartisan Solution”